The Lightning Box® does the work while you have the fun of fishing. This simple,easy-to-use fishing device will allow your lure to spend less time out of the water, reduce frustration, & more importantly aid you in catching more fish!

Out of Stock for the Season

High Intensity UV Flash Tube is stronger, brighter, …

  • Ideal for ice-fishing and night summer fishing
  • Stronger, brighter, & lasts longer than LED
  • Small, portable, & lightweight
  • Easy to use & store
  • Catch fish faster
  • Fits common size glow lures
  • Instant 360° UV flash
  • Fully enclosed flash (no blinding)
  • Unique patented design

Millions of dollars worth of glow-in-the-dark lures are on the market today. The Lightning Box® is the fastest and easiest way to illuminate them!

Term and Conditions Patent No. 7,364,318